Societal Impact – Modern Technology

Technology is improving and advancing much faster than it ever has before. Life just ten years ago was completely different to the way it is now.

The differences may have seemed small at the time they began, but there really is a massive difference in society today. You can see it walking down the street and in the children that are growing up in this century.

We’ve narrowed the major changes down to three main topics. Read on to find out what they are!


When smartphones first came out, only the rich or high-ranking members of a business really owned one. Having one was considered to be a privilege that only the elite would benefit from.

These days, you won’t be surprised to see a three-year-old child wandering around with a new iPhone 7. These smartphones are capable of almost everything a laptop can accomplish. You have hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from ranging from things such as note takers to horror games.

The art of meeting up with your friends after school is all but dead. You simply go home, open your phone and call all your friends while playing online games or browsing websites at the same time.

For most children, the smartphone is both the first and last thing that they use in a day. Not only this but most tend to use it throughout the rest of the day as well!

‘Legit’ Information

The answer to basically any question is a just a Google search away. If you type a question or a topic into a Google search, you’ll find hundreds of different web pages that discuss the topic. Not all of this information is accurate, of course. However, the majority of links that come up first will be accurate as more people have used them which, in turn, means they should have been screened for accuracy by now.

The longer the internet remains intact, the more information is being uploaded online for everyone to view. As the years go on it is likely that everyone will be able to know the answer to everything within minutes of time. Obviously in order to understand the answers, one must still have the intelligence to follow along. This brings us to our third point:


Millennial is the name given to children born in this century. When it comes to technology, they have a massive advantage over us oldies.

Have you ever been listening to a child talk about the internet or some piece of complicated technology and said, ‘Woah, how did you know about that?’ Children these days are born into a society where this technology is normal. I’m sure our parents and grandparents had a similar reaction when we started using dial-up connections at a young age.

By the time they’re all grown up and people of average age now are getting old, they will have grown up with all this pre-learned knowledge and be miles ahead of our inventors and scientists. Imagine what these kids will accomplish in the near future now that we’ve laid the groundwork for them!